10,000 Girl Scouts in East TN will begin selling cookies tomorrow morning. Their parents will race to see who gets to the office bulletin board first. Pity the scouts whose parents work from home. Neighborhoods will draw their blinds and hide even better than they do when the suits on bicycles enter their community. Grandparents will spend their grocery money on cookies they can’t eat. Girl Scout leaders everywhere will spend today hunting down parents to get order forms delivered and finish planning their next 2 months of cookie selling. Leaders’ spouses are stocking up on chocolate and prozac and holding onto the hope that “this too shall pass”. The leaders’ phones will ring day and night with problems that Solomon himself couldn’t solve. Car floors will be littered with takeout bags and Starbucks cups as scouts, parents and leaders tirelesly work to sell those cookies. In the end, the troop will have earned 50 cents for every box sold and they will concoct a plan to spend that hard earned money. If they are really lucky, they will have a few cases of cookies bought just for donation to a local charity, like Ronald McDonald House. And then, everyone will collapse from exhaustion and sleep until cookie time returns next year.

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  1. Have Sarah call me and we will order some cookies. Are there any sugar free for Matt? I’ll also be donating some to the charity of your choice.

  2. I should probably keep my mouth shut, but…

    The only way I buy GS cookies is if the GS herself is selling them. Isn’t it cheating to have parents take them to work or set up a booth outside the grocery store?

    I know, I know, things have changed since I was that age and you can’t really go door to door anymore.

    But still…

    OK, I’m ready for the flaming!

    PS – I live on a mountain and my driveway is kinda steep. At Halloween I have 2 bowls of candy – 1 has suckers and hard candy, the other has FULL SIZE chocolate candy bars. If the parents drive the kids to the door, they get the sucker bowl. If the kid walks to the door, JACKPOT!

  3. I used to buy those cookies and
    eat them all.
    Buy now that I am trying to lose
    weight,I will have to donate the
    boxes that I’ll buy to a shelter
    for abused women.

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