The weather forecast calls for a dusting of snow and temperatures of 5 below. We had better hurry to the store before all the bread and milk are gone. By tonight all of Knoxville will be completely hysterical. I’m going to curl up under blankets and watch Garden State. Should my other movie be Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman or The Village?

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  1. Did you get any snow. We are about an hour away to the south. We didn’t get anyting. I don’t believe the weather men anylonger.

  2. I have only seen Anchorman and it was funnny. I feel like I’ve missed the cool meeting when everyone else saw Napolean Dynomite.

  3. I went into Weigel’s last night and bought 4 gallons of milk and at the register blurted out “gonna snow tonight right?” Of course it took a little uphm out of the punchline when I realized my Weigel’s milk card was full (buy 17 gallons get 1 free and a chance to win a year’s supply of milk…er, 52 gallons.. so like since when is 52 gallons of milk a year’s supply?!) I think the 1 gallon a week people don’t even know about the milk card 🙂

    There is one customer in there that severely one ups us by killing 3 gallons a day!

  4. I’ve heard Napolean Dynomite is hilarious … I’m looking forward to seeing it. Anchorman is funny in the way that they are just so silly. No knowledge about the Village, but I’m curious what you think.

  5. Stay away from Napoleon unless you are totally into toilet humour and kick-in-the-crotch jokes. Dunno about Anchorman but BT said it sucked and the Village was disappointing – you guess the plot very early into the movie.

  6. the former is supposed to be horrible, the middle one is supposed to be silly and funny, and the latter is a huge disappointment to me personally since I love his films to this point. Didya get your milk and bread so you can survive? lol, the south is quirky during the winter…

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