Dear Northshore driver in the black sports car,
I am sorry that my driving 50 mph was so upsetting to you. Riding on my bumper wasn’t making the drive very much fun for me either. If there had been a place to pull over and let you by, I would have. When we finally reached the place where the road turns to 4-lanes, you could have gone on about your day without pausing to extend your middle finger to me. I would never have done that to you. Maybe you should travel on Kingston Pike so you can weave in and out of traffic to keep your speed up. You might enjoy the interstate even more.

One thought on “110677052421133939

  1. The thought processes of Knoxville drivers are as hard to figure out as the thought processes of single-celled amoebas.

    Road. Posted speed limit. Go that limit, or a slight variable over it to allow for correction, or under it to allow for road conditions. If you cannot abide by these common practices, do it anyway….

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