Today is the last day of Doug’s contract in Oak Ridge. Doug has a “one week extension to do two months worth of work.” Expect roller coaster mood swings in his blog as he works up a full-blown nervous breakdown. Expect the pregnant wife to have very litle patience for his anger outbursts and moping. Expect the unemployed husband to have very little patience with his pregnant wife’s nesting urges. Expect chaos as they wrestle over control of the one functioning car. Expect husband to lose touch with reality as he considers a beach trip less than two weeks after the baby is due when his wife thinks travels should be BEFORE the baby arrives and without grandparents and other children.

Come to think of it, Mom’s blog is looking pretty mood swingy too. She’s happy, no she’s sad, now she’s happy again, uh-oh she’s angry, it’s ok now she’s goofy. . .

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