Doug and I have an anonymous reader claiming to be his friend reading our blogs and making comments. If this reader is truly a friend, they should sign their name. However, if it is just someone like his ex-wife, they need to get on with their own lives and leave us alone. How we live is our choice.

We do not collect welfare, use TennCare or in any way live off of anyone’s tax dollars. Doug works multiple contracts at a time to take care of our financial needs. We may struggle sometimes, but we manage to make ends meet and are very happy. There is no such thing as a "regular" job. Doing work for income is a job regardless of whether it is in the home or done from 8 until 5. We DO keep our children clothed, well-fed, clean and loved. All of the children have extra activities and clubs. Each child is treated as the unique individual that they are and given private time with their parents.

When I say parents, I refer to myself AND Doug. He may not have fathered the older children, but he is the person who takes care of them when they are sick, attends all their school activities, talks to their teachers to ask how we can help them do their best at school and SO MUCH MORE! How many children we have is nobody else’s business and our real "friends" call, visit and know that our family is just the right size for us. Those real friends know that we like to joke about our lives but love every good and bad minute of them.

If you don’t like who we are or how we live, stop reading our blogs, stop complaining to others because our lives revolve around our family instead of ourselves and go live your own lives. We are not making back-handed criticisms about your lifestyles. I don’t want this negativity around my family. Go find someone else to make you feel superior.

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  1. Don’t let the nastiness get to you. We all know the kind of people that you and Doug are – warm and friendly people who lead a normal life with ups and downs. You are good parents and are doing a wonderful job raising your kids.

  2. Hear, hear Lissa! A piece of work for sure. (It’s sad really when one has to be attacked in their own stinkin’ blog. Seems to be happening a lot lately.)

    Cathy and Doug – I know it’s hard but there ARE people out here who do genuinely care and read up (and offer hugs when you want/need them). Hang in there. (((HUGS)))

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re making someone as miserable as they really are.

  3. How do you really feel? I’m having a hard time picking up your meaning here… you really ought to work on expressing yourself more. It is not good to hold your feelings bottled up inside.


  4. I agree with Stacey. Consider yourself hugged by kicknit.

    Don’t stop strangers from visiting your blog. Look into methods to prevent them from commenting or even accessing the blog.

    I’m amazed at the brutal attacks posted in the comments. There are kids involved here, and we must remember that they are innocent and must not be exposed to all of this hatred.

    If Cathy wants to be left alone, leave her alone! You got issues, do your own damn blog.

  5. I had a MIL like that! and how trashy and ridiculous of her to comment on your blog like that. Instead of just asking you to stop commenting she goes off one one making you think if she’s like that…… well, they say that every daughter is the image of her mother so we can guess what you are going through with this if the MIL is like that. Unbelievable. I am just laughing at how she embarrassed herself….

  6. I just sputtered after reading your ex MIL’s unwarranted assault on Cathy. Unbelievable. She chose to read your blog. That doesn’t mean she should have any say in your lives. I would expect her to keep her copmments to herself. She sounded very defensive. I think Cathy hit the nail on the head, so to speak (type).

  7. its sad to see what were once loving relationships distorted and twisted into bitter acrinomious name calling
    liz – if you really loved doug still you wouldnt have made the hurtful comments you did
    doug and cathy – let it go – you show more wisdom and intelligence by not answering, banning or pandering to her foolishness


  8. Just had to put my 2 cents in:

    Blogs are personal journals. They are posted publicly, so anyone who wants to read them, may. But no negative comments should ever be left. Everone is entitled to their feelings. Doug and Cathy, I hope you don’t feel you have to start censoring yourselves. You have every right to feel and write what you want.

    Furthermore, I know that during a divorce, things get muddled up. The MIL probably has no idea of how guilty her own daughter was in the whole thing. It’s probably been very one-sided from what she’s heard. She should keep her nose out of other people’s business, especially since she has no idea what’s going on!

  9. Let me set you straight about a few things little girl….

    Number one, that is my daughter you are talking about, a word to the wise trash talk can work both ways, I’m sure you don’t want to get in a verbal trash talk fight with me… It sounds to me like you’re the one who needs to get over it and stop blaming all your bad days on the ex-wife….

    Number two, my daughter; Doug’s ex-wife has no need to concern herself with you, Doug, or any of your children… She has a husband that loves her, cares for her and the children, and I might add gives her more one on one time that Doug ever did….

    Number three; I have been reading Doug’s blog so that I might keep up with him and how he is doing… As a mother-in-law I came to love Doug as a son, much the same way Doug’s parents felt about my daughter…. You don’t just tear that love out of a person’s heart when things go bad… I have always and will always care about Doug and his family, but you are making it very hard to care about you….. If I recall you were the only one that was dating a married man during the split up…. Yes my daughter fell in love with someone else when she wasn’t receiving any attention at home, and was woman enough to leave. It happens every day to millions of people… But they get on with their life. Makes you wonder what type of woman it takes to step in and help break up a marriage that is hanging on by a thread….

    So there you have it, get over it and stop blaming someone else for things until you have all the facts…. I will stop reading his blog when I’m good and ready to not a minuet before… So live with that …..
    Ex Mother-in Law…… Liz

  10. Liz, that’s the biggest bunch of horse manure – you are the one w/ all the blame going on – cathy has just asked to be left alone and you have to put all this crap on their blogs? How immature! I hope you are embarassed, if you not, you should be.

  11. Man, it’s thing’s like Doug’s former mother-in-law that make me happy I can’t get married in this country. πŸ˜‰

    Don’t sink to her level, and look into banning her IP address if you can. Not sure if HaloScan offers that or not on their comments.

  12. My. God.

    Cathy sez, “Someone LIKE his ex-wife” and MIL goes off on a rant like that? What a whacked out shrew she is! And I thought I have a bad sitch with my ex and all that … whoa golly miss molly. Liz, yer a scary one, that’s fer sure! You talk about facts and yet it seems that you don’t have them all yourself, or at least you are ignoring them, from what Doug said. And I do believe I would take Doug’s word over yours, given the situation …

    Anyway, Cathy and Doug, don’t let the idiots of the world ruin a good time. Ignore, ban, delete, whatever. If you need to take a break, do so. Tend to yourself and your own first and foremost. There will always be idiots out there, looking to create misery for others. Don’t give them the satisfaction of creating any for you.

  13. Sabrina asked me for a divorce on January 2, 2000 with the words “this is irreconcilable” long before Cathy and I ever had our first date and long after she had established her boyfriend. In December 1999, I even allowed her boyfriend to live in the house for a week while he found a place to live after his wife/partner of 10 or 15 years kicked him out of their house because of his relationship with my (then) wife. I will post my account to set the facts straight.

  14. Thank you all for your comments! I for one will not censor myself. I knew the risks when I started blogging and figure one day the blog will bite me in the rear probably in the form of not getting a particular job or clearance because I’ve airred too much dirty laundry. Perhaps I’ll unintentionally insult someone and lose friendships over it.

    But the long and short is that I enjoy it. It is a great outlet for me. I only wish I could do more!

  15. Wow … Every time I see a fellow blogger getting lambasted by someone in the comments, it makes me want to reach out and offer them a hand.

    Before you go and password protect your blog and keep the good strangers away, take some time and look up ISP banning as another option. Speaking from experience, it’s the way I chose to go when a family member decided to use my comment feature as a platform for her toxicity.

    Keep on blogging, despite the unwelcome visitor …


    Perhaps your ex-MIL would benefit by checking out the link listed above.

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