I only read the blogs of people I like. Sometimes they are really funny and sometimes I wish I could give them a big hug. There are bloggers who I have a lot in common with and bloggers who I consider good friends. I do not read the blogs of people I do not like. I do not read blogs just looking for something to criticize and gossip about. That is called harassment. I would never continue reading the blog of someone who asked me to back off. That is called stalking.

I have been criticized, insulted and accused of doing something I did not do. Doug wants me to ignore the attackers. My inclination is to password protect my blog. At Doug s request, I will pose the question to readers as to how I should move forward.

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  1. (((HUGS))) Brush it off and let it go. You’re better than that. And I’d be so sad if you had to start blocking people 🙁

  2. Ban the IP if it bothers you that much. One thing I’ve learned is that life in cyberspace forums requires a thick skin. Just ignore it and keep moving forward.

  3. Cathy,

    Like everyone above said, don’t give in to a few jerks. I would take the suggestion of banning the commentors ISP. But please don’t hold back from your blogging and writing. It’d be a shame. Be yourself. That’s why we keep coming back!

  4. Cathy,
    Dean and I are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you and we love you with Doug. It makes me sad that people can’t realize how much you and Doug love each other.

  5. Delete this post, edit the last one and remove 2 words (the second hyphenated). Delete all related comments and forget about it.

  6. Don’t restrict or password-protect. That just lets them dictate how you act. Haloscan is easy to let you delete comments if you like. It’s your site – none of us will care.

    Keep on bloggin’!

  7. Girl, just let it roll off your back. I gave up my blog back in September because some undesirables found their way to it, and in that time I became a total mess! If they are hounding you on the comments area, ban their IP. Get something like stat counter where it will tell you exactly where they are from, and if they find a way around the IP block, notify their ISP. But don’t let them beat you at this. This is YOUR world, not theirs. If they don’t like anything that you have to say, then they don’t need to keep coming back, friend or foe!

    Best of luck on this!

  8. Hey, Cathy,

    I understand about having your privacy violated . Hence why my blog, while talking about some stuff from my real life doesnt’ refer to large chunks of things…simply because I know certaini parties are reading it.

    So, I understand.

  9. I don’t think airing an argument about personal history in a forum you have made public is ever a good idea. It isn’t a case of right versus wrong, its a case of keeping things civil and respectful. Did the comment cross a line? Hell, yes. It obliterated several lines, but why give the satisfaction of a response? It will only encourage more venom.

  10. I hope you keep it going as well. I enjoy reading your daily posts. Even though we come from very different backgrounds, your interests (and Doug’s) seem very similar and I feel like I have kinda gotten to know you all. I think I would be very comfortable sitting down with you guys to watch a movie and BS. I can’t imagine doing the kind of work Doug does. I get a migraine just thinking about it. To be able to do so much freelance is a major accomplishment in my book. I hope my extreme Leftist politics doesn’t frighten you. I’ve lost old friends over it. Funny thing though, I never force my religious or political views on anyone. I accept people for what they are. I have no idea why I went off on that tangent. My train of thought kind of derailed, as Robin Williams used to say. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you both seem like real good people and the trolls need to “F” off.

  11. I would get a blog counter, they show you the ip address and give you the ability to block it.
    Hopefully they will get a life and quit trying to harass the guy who is no longer married into that family–
    hello, mcfly, anyone home?!

    Lord, what Doug must have suffered through all those years!! Jeesh.

    One could ask the question ‘what hurts so badly inside of her that in order to heal it, she must hurt you all?” Doesn’t make her not responsible, just in need of lots of help and insight and healing of herself.

  12. It’s all true. I was making a joke about my blog being totally anonymous. One of those things that was funny when I typed it and moments later when Cathy said “huh?!” I realized that it wasn’t really funny. I thought she was going to delete that one.

    My post was non-fiction but essays of material left out.

  13. it’s unfortunate that someone has invaded your space with negativity (one of the pitfalls of blogging)…i would advise ignoring the issue, but you have to do what feels right for you…

  14. Looks like I have missed a lot since my last visit. I agree with the advice given, but I also understand how hard it is. I blogged for almost a year and then walked away, deleting every post and comment. DON’T DO THAT.

    The best blogs are written by people who are honest about themselves and their lives. That is why I keep coming back. Deal with the negative stuff the best you can, but know the rest of us are here supporting you.


  15. Sooner or later the idiots get bored and move on. Sometimes it’s hard not to react, but I’ve got to side on Dough with this one.

    They WANT you to fight. They WANT you to quit. They WANT to win. Don’t let them.

    And if need be, you CAN get an order of protection even from internet crap. There are ways to track ISP’s, especially with blogging and comments and such.

    Don’t let the losers win. For every loser you have at least five other people who genuinely care.

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