I would be very appreciative if the makers of Legos, K-nex, Bionicles and those teeny tiny Playmobile miniatures would magnetize their toys. It would make clean-up much easier. While you’re making things more useful, a sippy cup with a lid that toddlers can’t remove would be really helpful. As I’ve said before, I still want some sort of revolving front door that allows children to race in and out of the house all day long without the sound of constantly slamming doors.

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  1. Amen, Sister! Have you seen the Dirt Devil commercial with the little Lego man? (He goes on a whirlwind adventure!) I think it was Dirt Devil anyway.

    I kept thinking – ya know…I didn’t hear that telltale CRUNCH. And usually I end up stepping on them first. ::sigh::

  2. Let me make sure I understand correctly. You are giving me permission to start a new project to install a revolving door on the house. Right?

  3. That would be a great invention. My oldest much have about 2000 little lego pieces that he just dumps out and plays but picking up is such a *itch. 🙁

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