Everyone in the family is sick or just getting over sickness. No two patients seemed to have the same symptoms but the end result is that we need a HazMat crew to come over and disinfect the house before we all catch it again. Doug has declared that Noah should have been named Chuck as that is definitely his specialty. Molly is really enjoying eating the wadded up tissues. Last night Doug locked her upstairs so she wouldn’t pounce on me (“Let’s play!”) while I laid in bed and shivered so bad I thought I was having a seizure. She punished me by eating the leather cover on my day planner. Thank goodness Doug is recovering (except for the cough that makes him sound like a pack-a-day smoker) and the girls were well enough to spend last night at the grandparents.

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  1. Aw sweetie. Here’s to feeling better. Hope it’s soon. I’d hug ya, but don’t want yer germs! (We’re in the throes of it, too, and hoping our youngest doesn’t get a whopping case.)

  2. I wish someone would have told me how sick Mom is… I found out after Carmen called to see if they wanted to come up next weekend to spend time with the kids and me while Carmen takes a class or something…

  3. Nothing sucks quite as bad as the flu while you are preggers. Like you need something else to make you feel rotten after the morning sickness. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. There is such a bad uri that is going around!! I hope you get better soon! If you need some antibiotics and you can take them, I have some if you need them! I didn’t end up taking mine last time as I finally got over it.

  5. Was randomly looking through the available blogs at BE and found you. 🙂

    Wow, that has to be tough… everyone sick at one time. That happened to us once and we coped with back to back movies for an entire weekend. If it got dull, you would simply fall asleep for a bit. Worked for us. Just passing it along. Hope all of you are on the mend.


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