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  1. ARen’t you allowed to use nasal spray? My ent surgeon loves neosonephrin, however you spell it. You can use it for three days on, two days off w/out complications. Afrin has the same exact ingredients and is much easier to find, but he says the delivery agents are better. Maybe he owns stock in the company, who knows. but it should give you some relief. He has it in a dispenser, like water at a dentists office. When I went in after my surgery and had caught that cold from my niece, he actually suctioned out my nose and I loved that, i wanted one of those then, b/c I couldn’t blow my nose b/c of the stitches. Then he loaded my nose up w/ the stuff and I had a full day of relief, it was heaven. He put windows in for me too! 🙂 I had all 8 sinuses worked on.

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