Who will die tonight on Lost? Ethan or Charlie?

Update: Unless you TIVO you already know the answer to this question now. If they spent the next few seasons killing everyone off the show, I see Jack, Kate and Locke as being the last left standing. In fact, realistically, Kate should outlive Jack. Short-term though I guess Jin (Sun’s husband), Charlie, Hurley (I like him, but what’s his purpose) or Boone are the characters who have the least to add to future subplots. I still WANT Shannon to die. Her character is horrible and unredeemable while we all know that Sawyer will redeem himself before they kill him.

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  1. Hurley is there to spell things out for the audience members that just don’t get it or aren’t paying attentioned.

    “Dude! Incase you missed the subtly of it the batteries in my cd player NEVER die!”

  2. I think they made it clear that the husband suspects Jin’s English skills. What I think will come out is that he also knows English.

    I was almost let down at Ethan’s death as I am dying for more information about the island!

  3. Sorry … when I said Jin, I meant the husband. I doubt Locke will die because he is such a wild card.

    The amnesia annoys me … she better start getting her memory back because I do want to know more about the island, too. Like how did she escape from that super human?

    And what about that metal door from a few shows ago?

  4. Thanks for putting these important issues out there. I am almost biting my nails about all this! And I spend a lot of time on them, too.

  5. The black woman (my husband isn’t dead) who was definitely on the plane isn’t listed as one of the main characters. Did she bring the group to the island?

  6. There is definitely a “reason” for each person on the island. My thought is very much like on The 4400 (USA Network this summer) where every person serves a role that is designed for whatever “purpose” brought them to the island. Once that role is fulfilled, they become expendable until all the pieces line up as the “design” intended.

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