Yes, I have windows in my head or more specifically, on the apple of my cheeks. When I was a child and teen my Mother worked for an otolaryngology group in Memphis. Staff could have any test or treatment for just what insurance would pay and the rest was written off. So, every time anyone in the family had the sniffles, a head ache or just about any complaint that could vaguely be traced to their area of expertise, we had an appointment with them. They cauterized my nose every time I had the least little nosebleed. When my Mother complained about my migraines they ordered a CAT scan. When I had strep they took out my tonsils and when I had sinus infections they cut windows in my sinus cavities. I still get sinus infections but this is the first time I have ever been confident that the windows have infection. My entire face is so sore that it hurts to sleep on my side while my stomach is round enough that the rest of my body really wants on my side. All of that aside, I wish my Mother had worked for a plastic surgeon or dermatologists. I would have enjoyed the long-term effects of their procedures much more.

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