Andrea Knapp has the Dr.Pepper commercial that I like so much. Now the song is a commercial jingle for my children’s generation. It was a song on the Muppets for my generation. For my parents’ generation (but not MY parents) it was the soundtrack to an adult film. I think I prefer to remember it with puppets singing.

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  1. I used to hang upside down on the couch, paint my chin and do Ma-nah, Ma-nah all the time. I saw it on the superbowl commercials and it just didn’t have that same zing it did when Animal and Dr. Teeth sang it.

  2. It doesn’t taste that different b/c dr. pepper kinda tastes like van and cherry anyway.
    it is cute commercial. I can’t imagine it being used in a porn movie though, freaky.

  3. Our kids know the muppets version anyway – it’s on the bit Muppet Show/Movies CD we got for my birthday and we listen all the time.

    Did you know they say “hell” in the Happiness Hotel song, from “The Great Muppet Caper”? I don’t think they’ve ever swore before…

  4. That song is also the ringtone for the main girl in Committed (new NBC sitcom that is actually worth watching). It’s sad that I look forward to her phone ringing on the show.

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