gotta sell the cookies

Last night was the cookie booth lottery for this area. One hundred women competing to get signed up for the best booth locations in West Knoxville. It was like the floor of the stock exchange only much more random and ruthless. Our troop was pretty much shut-out of the entire first weekend. What our troop really needs is one of those celebrity or corporate purchases of huge quantities of cookies that I hear about other scouts getting. Urban legends abound about Nashville music celebrities buying several cases for donation to charity (our troop is collecting for Ronald McDonald House). I know a few executives but they are all in the non-profit sector so that won’t help. Must brainstorm, hmmm. . .

2 thoughts on “gotta sell the cookies

  1. call sam beales w/ ruby tuesdays, they are local and they support lots of charaties. And try the goodfriends at goody’s.

  2. I’m not allowed to hit on corporations for the troop. It has to be a transaction between a scout and an individual person. Send Bob Goodfriend to one of our cookie booths. 🙂

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