Knoxville media has something about “meth” in every single newscast. Someone is wanted or has been arrested for meth use or production. A store has a new policy about selling items that are used by meth manufacturers. The law enforcement in some county has a new technique for fighting meth crimes. It goes on and on. Do you hear about it endlessly in other areas of the country? Is it talked about in other countries? What I don’t understand are “mobile meth labs”. As I understand it, meth production is highly explosive and toxic, so why would you make it in an enclosed vehicle that is moving? It’s hard enough to put on mascara in a car, why make your car into an explosive?

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  1. 20 years ago it was predicted that crackdowns on cocaine in the 80s would lead to the proliferation of meth in the 90s. (That prediction was rooted in the concept that a certain percentage of the population would abuse drugs, and of that percentage, a smaller percentage that would abuse stimulants, thus a market would always exist.) Lo and behold, the story is all over the midwest on TV stations everywhere. Direct result of supply-side tactics in the drug war.

  2. I live in the NW and it’s massive here. Personally, I would choose a drug that didn’t make you so fucking crazy after years of abuse, but… hey. Adicts are adicts. Here, to buy Sudafed you must give your name and address to be kept on file, so you won’t buy over the amount necessary for a cold. I’ve also, recently read an article saying that Enfamil baby formula is being stolen to be used in cutting meth.
    It’s all really pathetic and sad.

  3. I never heard about it on the East Coast, but here in TX it’s a HUGE thing. It’s a sad epidemic, not that any other drugs aren’t, but the western US seems to be soaked with the meth epidemic. The mobile labs are the ultimate stupid crook thing, not only is it HIGHLY unstable, but the fumes are horrible, so let’s pile it into a sedan and drive it around! Yea!! Idiots!

  4. in indiana it’s huge. called poor man’s drug. there is a bill in the legislature right now that would limit the sale of some of the ingredients (cold medications) in drug stores.

    and you’ll find it in states with more farm area/rural land because it smells during production like amonia so it’s not really realistic to have it in a big city with people in close proximity.

  5. not much problem with it on this coast (Eastern Canada) that I have heard about, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. By mobile lab, I think they are referring to a lab that can be packed up and moved to a new location when the heat is turned up. It would be VERY dangerous to create meth in an actual moving lab, heh, heh…a bit tricky I would think.

    Our biggest problems seem to be Oxycontin aka hillbilly heroin. People in my neck of the woods have been caught breaking into the home of cancer patients to steal it.

  6. Pretty much what I understand about meth is that it involves nasty chemicals that you would never want to stick up your nose. They include Draino, Cement Cleaner, Brake Cleaner and other stuff I think. WTF if you were to mix all these together why in the hell would you ever try and ingest them. Also mixing them on wheels isnÂ’t the smartest thing either. – Freakin Crack Heads.

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