Knoxville thinks they can reduce crime by requiring owners and employees of adult-type businesses to register and carry special permits. Putting aside the fact that we live in the age of Big Brother and everything you do leaves footprints, this is a bone-headed idea. Do we really want to punish someone working their way through college by making them have everything in their career history follow them forever? After this will we ask anyone who works in food service to register and allow someone to track their medical history to make sure they have no illnesses that make us nervous? Then what? Knoxville’s law has very little to do with crime and a lot to do with the morals police. Skip all the harassment and just move right ahead to outlawing adult businesses if that is your intention. I just find it hard to believe that crimes with victims are so low that we must now worry about what people choose to do to themselves.

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  1. I wonder if the cable companies will have to get a license to sell porn also.
    Maybe someone should contact Larry Flynt, he likes these kinds of issues.
    I agree w/ ya!!

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