Michael has an excellent summary and thoughts on last night's episode of Lost. I wasn't surprised about the firestarter. Remember the dead bird? That fire could have started without him even being near the boat. I really dislike Shannon being with Sayid. Sayid will only get drug down by her. I am still trying to figure out why Hurley was on tv. I think the show is doing great and look forward to seeing how they end the season. I find it funny that Stephen King had negative comments about the show. Has Mr.King forgotten how Kingdom Hospital started off great and then fell apart completely after only a few episodes?

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  1. Barry–KH did finish it’s run, I think. I don’t know when….like you, I lost interest.

    I might rent it on DVD at some point and see it all in one chunk. It might help.

  2. I have a friend who says the suspense is too much and they are waiting for the season to come out on dvd, they are too ‘exhausted’ by it, lol.
    I’m upset about shannon and sayid also, but perhaps she has changed.
    I was suprised about the fire starter and it not occured until you said it that it could have just been his special powers.
    We look forward to each episode.

  3. I too watched Kingdom Hospital with great glee, as there were references to “The Dark Tower” peppered through it, and I was just finished the last couple books in the epic series.

    But you’re right, I soon lost interest too. Anyone know how it ended? Or was it cancelled before it could conclude?

  4. Thanks for the link and the kind words.

    Honestly, I think Lost has been in a pattern of setting things up so in the last third of the season, things will be revealed hot and heavy…

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