Tomorrow morning I’ll be working a cookie booth from 10 until noon at the store that should be out-of-business. I never shop there because their two competitors do a much better job and their shelves are barren. HOWEVER, they do allow Girl Scouts to sell cookies under the protection of their roof unlike their politically controversial but enormously successful competitor who makes us set-up in the parking lot. We’ll be at THAT store on Sunday from noon until 2. Wish us some good sales or drop by and buy some cookies for yourself or to donate to the families staying at Ronald McDonald House.

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  1. I may try and stop by Sunday and say hi if I get away from church in time – we have a youth lunch after services..

  2. Martha-Mart corner of Morrell and Kingston Pike today from 10-12. Sam Walton’s dissertation at WalkerSprings from 12-2 although I can’t remember if they are at the grocery entrance or the other entrance.

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