A long, long time ago my parents got their first microwave oven. My father insisted that this new technology allowed you to heat up a piece of apple pie while leaving the ice cream scoop on top of it undisturbed. My mother eventually relented and baked a pie just for this doomed experiment. In my father’s defense, the only thing he knows how to do that resembles cooking is the dorm room staple of a cheese and hot dog sandwich melted with a clothing iron. Posted by Hello

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  1. But today he helped me replace two lights (including an 8 foot fluorescent), fix some stuck doors, and other work around my house. He did not help cook dinner.

  2. I wonder how many of us have actually been mutated without knowing it from standing next to those old first-generation microwaves?

    I know my invisible friend Melmac thinks so.

  3. My mom refused to get a microwave early on. She thought it was unsafe….

    Finally, one day without any annoucements on appeared in her kitchen.

  4. My uncle won’t stand near a microwave for the simple reason that the CIA would be able to track the implanted dental fillings from the invisible radio waves the microwave would cause at high power.
    Did I mention he’s crazy?
    Great blog, Crystal has you on her roll. Glad I found you!

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