The best part about next week being Spring Break is that I get a week off from doctor appointments. The worst part is that I have annoyed the staff at my doctor’s office and I know they’ll find a way to get revenge (“I’m sorry but you have a two hour wait”).

“Same time next Monday?”
“I’m sorry but I have cookie booths all day that day.”
“How about Tuesday?”
“Sorry, cookie booths.”
“Well when can you come in?” She is now irritated as she usually just tells me when my next appointment will be.
“Thursday or Friday but I’ll have all my children with me.”
“Then I guess you’ll have to skip one week.”
“That sounds like a very good idea.”

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  1. I get extra ultrasounds, extra non-stress tests, extra bloodwork and extra appointments.The doctors are just itching to take over and make this a complicated delivery.

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