I awoke from vivid technicolor dreams in full anxiety mode about my lack of preparedness for this new baby. It is a beautiful sunny first day of spring that we should spend enjoying together as a family. Instead I will work a cookie booth at Bi-Lo and stress over whether I need to pick up one last order of cookies. After that I will go to my parents’ house and try to have fun with my brothers and their families while I feel like I’m going to do a cartoon character routine and have all the springs pop out of my body because I need to be cleaning my house. Oh, and my ankles have started swelling so that I look like an elephant at the end of each day. Doug thinks it’s funny and calls me an ogre.

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  1. Why exactly do parents of Girl Scouts obsess about selling cookies for their daughters? I mean, I just don’t get it – why take the trouble and add stress of setting up booths all over town?

    Will she be ostracised from Girl Scout society if she doesn’t sell more cookies than anybody else? Or doesn’t try, or really care?

    I’m not sure what the big deal is – sure it’s a fundraiser, but that seems to be all the Girl Scouts do is sell cookies to raise money…to buy more cookies to sell next year…to raise money to…

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