When asked last week what she wants for her pending graduation, a teenaged relative replied, “A new laptop, an ipod, a digital camera, a cell phone or you can just give me cash and I’ll pick out what I want.” That made me think about my own high school graduation gifts a zillion years ago. My big gift was luggage (that I still have) and most of the other gifts were clothing. I was thrilled with every gift except one. One gift was very embarrassing and I couldn’t understand it until my Mother explained the gift. One beautifully wrapped box contained seven pairs of very nice underpants. When she saw my blank face, my mother explained that as a child, every piece of clothing she wore had been made by her mother. The first time she ever owned store bought clothing was when an Aunt gave her underwear as her high school graduation gift. She said that gift meant more to her than any other gift she received. Someday I will have to explain to my children why they are getting a box of underwear for their graduation.

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