I can’t lift the storage stuff that lives in our bedroom instead of the garage. I can’t eat anything I want to eat. I can’t afford to shop for the new baby. Can’t mow, can’t make a flower bed, can’t paint and can’t fix any of the broken stuff over here. Can’t stand being completely unprepared for this baby. I’m tired of being stuck in the house doing laundry and cleaning up the same toys over and over. Tommy is obviously planning to sleep all day and the other children are at my parents’ house playing with their cousins. Maybe I’ll go wander Babies ‘R Us while Doug makes loves to his computer. I’d rather be with Doug but every moment he is not at his computer he is unhappy so I hate asking him to do anything.

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  1. I remember those feelings of not being able to do anything that I could see needed to be done. Very frustrating. I slept a lot, but I did not have the responsibility of other children either.

  2. In re-reading this post I think I greatly misinterpretted its meaning and posted some inappropriate responses as a knee jerk reaction.

    Cathy, I’m sorry you are feeling frustrated and sad. Everyone appreciates all that you do. Let me lift some boxes for you tonight and see if we can’t also lift your spirits. I love you! Doug

  3. Oh! And how could I have forgotten about the $10,000 bill from the IRS (with the note to “please resolve within 30 days”).

  4. We are two mortgage payments behind. The auto insurance gets cancelled if they don’t have a payment by 5pm Tuesday. (driving in TN without insurance can get your license suspended for a year). The Jeep’s registration expired in January. We lose electricity on the 11th. UT is demanding $1500 by the end of the month. The OB needs a grand. The psychologist needs a grand. The psychiatrist need $200. The cell phones get cut off tomorrow. The home phone gets cut off on the 11th. The bank accounts are empty. There is no food in the fridge. The pets are out of food. And we could have a baby without health insurance at any moment now.

    Yes. I’m working on the computer.

    And yes, I both listen to and hear everything you say.

  5. You’re right. SMS it is!

    Between blogs, text messaging and instant messengers, no one needs to talk anymore.

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