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  1. Don’t forget the numbers got picked up by a WWII radio listening post in the South Pacific.

    And, um, I have to retract my vote for Sun Kwon as she has proven herself useful as the 2nd “doctor” on the island.

  2. I never realized Boone (Ian Somerhalder) has been a character on Smallville! (credits)

    btw, see the IMDB for a list of characters.

    We are forgetting the Jin’s wife has dropped out of the picture. She no longer serves a purchase. Michael is learning some Korean. Jin as a fisherman is important to keeping the group fed as well as building the boat.

    The boat itself is a plotline that must be completed so Michael doesn’t buy it but will eventually so that his son’s special powers can be brought and used. His son will need that freedom from Michael to see his full potential.

    Claire needs to pop. The baby must be born so she has all the potential of dying during the birth. So Jack and lose self confidence while struggling to save Boone and be further weakened by losing Claire.

    Shannon has become the girlfriend of Sayid but other than that is not developing as a character and lends nothing to the group. I say she is fair game.

    *Sayid – too skilled, must live
    *Claire Littleton – fair game after birth
    *Jack Shepard – Island needs a doctor
    *Hugo “Hurley” Reyes – possibly the reason they are on the island; comic relief; conscience of the group; balancer
    *Shannon Rutherford – unless except as a distraction to Sayid and a catalyst to Boone
    *James Sawyer – holds too many cards and too much audience would be lost to his death
    *Walter ‘Walt’ Lloyd – Special powers have to be revealed to the group; plot line unfinished
    *Jin Kwon – fisherman/food supply for the island; boat builder; fair game
    *Sun Kwon – translator for Jin; food and herbal medicines; fair game
    *Kate Ryan – sexual angst for Jack and Sawyer; one of the leaders of the group
    *Charlie Pace (Merry from Lord of the Rings) – he lives only because we found a plane full of cocaine. If not for that, he’d be top of my list.
    *John Locke (still my favorite character) – He obviously can’t die yet.
    *Boone Carlisle – too obvious

    My vote: Sun Kwon

  3. So I was just wondering where on earth this island is that a plane flying from Australia to LA could crash on it, as well as a two-propeller plane from Nigeria.

  4. Sorry, you can’t kill the one black character on the island. In the least shocking move yet, Boone dies and Claire has a baby. (But the baby is really the alien child of Willie, thus launching the long-awaited return of the classic TV series ‘V’ — http://www.movieprop.com/V/ — come on, there had to be some twist!)I really expected them to count Charlie shooting the guy as the “character dying.”

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