Boring post about my day – Since we have a small trailer, all strange errands of family and friends fall upon us. We started the day going to pick up my parents’ riding mower and take it in to Mayo for repairs (my Mother accidently ran over a shovel). Along the way we had to make a u-turn and pick up a sick Noah at school. He had a fever of 102 and the clinic nurse whispered “looks like strep.” I’m sure that was what I said back on Monday. Picked up the mower, dropped off the mower and stopped for a quick lunch while Amy painted with her macaroni and cheese (no change of clothes in the car of course). Rushed to the pede to get scripts for Amy and Noah who BOTH tested positive for strep. Grrrr. Dropped off scripts, bought a few groceries (forgot to buy yogurt to go with Amy’s antibiotics) and picked up scripts. Noah decided to have one of his 4-star nosebleeds in the pharmacy parking lot. When his nose stopped pouring like a faucet we hurried home so that Tommy could have a meltdown because his afternoon routine had been disturbed by our errands. We now have one hour to get everyone fed and settled so we can watch LOST but, I expect round two of Noah’s nosebleed will come during the program. This was actually a pretty typical day for our family.

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  1. She left out stopping at two banks, the insurance office and the dentist office. And we still had the kids in bed in time for us to enjoy Lost šŸ™‚

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