Noah woke up with a major gusher and kept it going for so long that he actually got loopy-headed. I predict a visit to Children’s Hospital before the day is done. First I have to clean up the bio-hazardous mess he made in his room (apparently last night was a good night to wet the bed, too) and the bathroom and fix brownies for a bake sale at Sarah’s school. Did I mention that Saturday I’m taking the Girl Scouts hiking in the Smoky Mountains? I only have a dozen or so things to do to get ready for that little outing. I guess Mother Nature’s plan is to have me stay busy enough with other stuff that I forget how cruddy I feel.

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  1. Actually, it was raining at 2am when it started pouring again. Noah looks like a character in CSI Knoxville.

  2. Hmmm maybe that’s why he’s getting nosebleeds – the change in barimetric (sp?) pressure from the coming storm. My ex used to get them all the time until he had his nostrils cauterized. Maybe Noah should see an ENT specialist.

  3. I TRIED to get the ent to see him but they are booked until the 19th. If it hadn’t been 2 in the morning we would have taken him to Children’s Hospital and begged for an ent.

  4. Poor little Noah – I had no idea he had that many nosebleeds. That would suck big time. I get the headaches too whenever a storm is rolling in and the ex’s nose would bleed every time a cloud passed overhead. I hope Noah feels better soon.

  5. When he had his tonsils out his nostrils were cauterized. Noah actually has more doctors than Tommy. Noah has an ENT specialist as well as a hematologist.

    Noah gets nosebleeds in conjunction with strep. He’ll be done shortly.

    I like the barometric theory though. Cathy gets headaches when storms roll in. I bet Noah is sensitive to them also.

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