I need a new wheel for the bottom rack of the dishwasher. While I was loading the dishwasher, Molly the genius licked the dirty dishes until her tags got stuck on the tray. She freaked, tried to get away and ran into the living room, dragging the entire tray of dirty dishes with her. I screamed and tried to get her to stop running which made her more afraid. Finally her tags came off and she went to hide under the Little Tikes climber that should be outside and not in our living room. I gathered the dishes that were strewn everywhere and ran the dishwasher but the tray is now missing a wheel. Molly stuck her head right back inside when I opened the dishwasher to empty it.

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  1. you could win big if that was on america’s funniest videos’ , though I doubt it was very funny a the time and what a mess to clean up.

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