Doug wouldn’t let me have a piece of cherry strudel from Fresh Market. I am so sick of not eating fun foods. I have heard that Magpie’s in the Old City has the best desserts in Knoxville. Trying their food is at the top of my to-do list after I deliver. Last week Doug talked about building a wall and door in the dungeon so we would have a real bedroom before the baby comes but I know he’s too busy. I want Doug to have more time to get things done but I am hungry and cranky. These last few weeks are really hard. Hurry up but slow down.

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  1. My blood sugar was actually LOW this morning so I took a tiny piece when he wasn’t looking. Yum! Yes, I know a piece of fruit would have been better for my levels but this was good for my MOOD!

  2. Well, that magpies is the best, you need to get someone to bring you their peanutbutter-choc cheesecake while you are in the hospital. I could do that!

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