The “Brainless Knoxville Waitress of the Month Award” goes to the woman who waited on our family yesterday after Dora Live. I’m sure she was trying to be nice (but failing at it) when she said:

“Your kids are really well-behaved and I should know. At the last place I worked there were some kids who were so awful that I had to tell them how to behave. Their parents’ got all upset when I did it so I gave them a good lecture on parenting. I got fired but I was totally in the right.”

Umm, thanks for the compliment?

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  1. she said that the kids were running around the the resturant and about knocked over her and the tray she was carrying. She said something to the kids about not running and the parents got mad.

    The part that got me was that the kids were climbing under and over the booth when she said they were well behaved. ( We stopped them but, I thought it funny the time in which she told us the were well behaved.)

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