Should I spend this Saturday visiting the attractions in Chattanooga with an army of Girl Scouts? It is less than a two-hour drive from Knoxville to Chattanooga. Staying busy is better than sitting around worrying and waiting. Doug is getting nervous and I have agreed to confess to the midwife about the planned outing. My braxton-hicks are feeling more real and coming much more frequently. What makes us both nervous is the very short labor I had with Amy.

Nurse A checked and said “You are only 3, so you’ll get some vitamin P when your midwife arrives.” Just 5 minutes later there was a shift change and Nurse B had to check for herself. Her words were something along the line of “She’s full and ready. Don’t push yet! Get the midwife on the phone now!” Doug might remember details better as I was busy ignoring the nurses (pushing).

To go or not to go, that is the question.

Doug’s plans for next weekend are even worse. He is going camping in a cave with the Boy Scouts.
cave = no cell phone reception

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  1. Is he off his rocker?? Camping that close to you being due? (Smack him one for me, wouldja? Sheesh!)

    As for you, Missy, get out and do something fun, but I think 2 hours’ drive away is a bit too far.

    Just thinkin’ of you and the babeling is all. (((HUGS)))

  2. Kim was very happy with the hospital she went to in Chattanooga. I could let her know you will be in town and you could give her a call if you need anything. Though I know it would be more convient and comfortable to be at home and with your midwife. I think you do what you are most comfortable with. You would have a great story to share with Evan when he gets older if you do have him in Chattanooga.

  3. There’s a particular symbolism there. Ease the transition to the real world by moving from womb to womb.

  4. Throw in as a major character the car that is on the last stages of its life.

    Maybe Cathy should join us in the cave.

  5. Yes son, you started coming into this world at mile marker 76 and were buckled in at mile marker 91. After a short stop at the Cracker Barrel to wash up in their bathroom and get your first ever peppermint stick we were back on the road logging your first miles. With you we knew it was going to be a wild ride!

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