You know it’s going to be one of those days when it begins with a “your child has pink eye” phone call from the school. Add in a several hour IEP, group therapy and horse therapy and it just becomes one long medical appointment.

Update – Can’t get past the pediatrician’s nurse who refuses to call anything in or make an appointment for him. “Just wait 10 days and it’ll clear up on his own.” My choice now is to keep him home for a week and get a call from the truant officer or send him to school every day and have them send him back home.

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  1. Email me offline if you’d like my recommendation for a pede in town…

    We’ve never had to wait long for an appointment, especially a sick appt.

  2. I considered taking my boys to my family doctor after they were born. Same deal as with CL, if we are all sick, we could all get care at the same time. However, with the prospect of them being born premature and possibly with medical problems, I went with the pede. We used Pediatric Consultants, which has 3-4 offices in town. I am very pleased with the care we’ve received so far and would highly recommend them.

  3. My son started seeing a GP when he was 6. If he’s sick, I don’t have any problem getting him in. When I had a bad case of the flu several years ago, my GP not only prescribe Tamiflu (so something like it) for me but was also able to give my son a script to keep him from getting sick.

  4. that’s just crazy talk…I can’t wait for your call to her in a couple of days. “Well now all four of my children have pink eye…do you think you could work us in now?”

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