glitter is evil

Dear Inventor of Glitter,
I can think of nothing nice to say to you right now. Your product should be illegal to minors. There is no good way to clean your product and it stays around worse than meth residue. In fact, I am considering calling in a toxic waste clean-up specialist to remove the sparkles from everywhere in my house. You should offer financial grants for the victims of your product so that they can hire professional assistance for glitter removal. Until then, may you be visited by an army of pre-teen girls armed with buckets of glitter and no common sense.
Thank you,

4 thoughts on “glitter is evil

  1. Glitter SUCKS!! It gets everywhere. Just wait until Doug goes to an important meeting and someone points out the glitter on his face LOL

  2. My daughter and a friend of hers declared the glitter fairy dust and, well, our stairs and landing shone for months!

    Sticks to clothes, skin, argh. Your right, get that inventor!

  3. We left the dog at home for an extended period of time the other day. We rarely have accidents but upon returning home I had to clean up a mess in the hallway. I almost laughed myself to tears. Apparently dogs like to eat glitter.

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