The midwife said I can go to Chattanooga on Saturday if I want to but I should sit out on some of the walking. Sounds good to me. I think I may skip the narrow and slippery walk down into Ruby Falls. The midwife claims that the baby will be here in one to two weeks but she isn’t taking into account his father’s tendency toward procrastination. The baby has dropped but I am only 1 centimeter. The number is meaningless anyway, since once this baby decides it is time, the floodgates will open quickly. When told all of this, Doug gasped and muttered a curse word. I bet Doug would turn down sex if I offered it tonight. In fact, he has been eager for me to lie on the couch and do nothing lately. He had a brief moment of excitment when I told him there are medications that can help stop labor. He disguised his disappointment that I can’t take the meds and stay pregnant for 40+ weeks so he has more time to prepare. I’m not sure which of us is more unbalanced/hormonal right now.

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  1. You describe me out of context. I am very excited. My gasp and mutterance was in response not to the news but the need for certain paperwork to be filed immediately.

    We had words over your misinterpretation of the medicine discussion as I was thinking of your comfort and our desire to have the baby go full term.

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