I gave Doug one decision to make on his own about our son’s imminent birth. He chose the notably fair and unbiased Internet (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) as his only source in making said decision. I think he needs to expand his search for information as I want this decision made and acted or not acted upon before we leave the hospital. Feel free to post your opinions here or on his blog. He doesn’t just need male opinions either. There is no reason for hysterics or hurling insults even though this is a very sensitive topic. It took us two months to decide what to do about Amy’s frenulum (eventually I decided and acted on my own) and we don’t have that kind of time for this decision.

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  1. Hmmm guy opinions and sensitive topics…. you can only be deciding whether or not to circumsize Evan. I think I’ll wait until you confirm or deny to leave my opinion LOL just in case I’m wrong!

  2. I am just curious because the Internet seems to be 100% against it so I wondered if I would get the same numbers if I informally, unscientifically polled bloggers.

  3. I have no opinion on anyone else’s child. We did circumsize our son. So, really, this is an absolutely useless comment! 🙂

  4. I tend to agree with Lost. We had our boys done. I didn’t even discuss it with Cory becuase I knew what his response would be. I have also heard the argument that these days most boys are still circumcised and you wouldn’t want a bathroom or locker room comparison to make him feel different from the other boys. That’s just another side to the issue.

  5. I wish Doug would put a post out there so we could all comment in a sensible sequence for a discussion. Most of our friends did not, and are very happy to have not. They would be happy to talk to you if you want real feedback and not internet search mumbojumbo. I say no, don’t do it. But it’s doug’s decision to make, not the internet community’s.

  6. Ok my opinion is to go with what the rest of the males in the house have. If they are all circumsized then I’d say get Evan done so that he isn’t “different” from his brothers and dad. There are arguments on both sides but I’d go with whatever is the norm in your house.

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