Beginning now, there will be a $1 fine every time someone says any of the following:
“When are you going to have that baby?”
“Are you STILL pregnant?”
“You are HUGE!”
There will be a $5 fine every time someone pokes my belly button.
Fees may be paid via Paypal or cash. All proceeds go toward Doug’s vasectomy fund.

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  1. From my observations of my mother’s tubal surgery, that surgery is a lot harder/more invasive than the man’s vasectomy. My mom was in great pain and in bed for days after the surgery. Men just have an issue with their “manhood.” I say, step up and be a man to make at least one thing easier on your woman.

  2. I still have people telling me how I was the “biggest pregnant woman they had ever seen”. Gee, thanks. My son is now almost 5 years old! Where do people get off thinking it’s O.K. to comment on your physicial appearance just because you are pregnant? I’m sure I couldn’t get away with telling some 300 lb bystander that she really shouldn’t be wearing that spandex and belly shirt!

    Oh, and by the way, the worst comment I received was when someone asked me if I was having a boy or a girl — on my walk down to the nursery AFTER my baby was born….

  3. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Add to that (well, at least for me):

    *Do you know whether it’s a girl or a boy?

    *You look tired.

    *Oh don’t worry, you have ages to go.


  4. I’m planning on NOT having a c-section but maybe you know something I don’t know.

    You look tired and you look terrible are equally fineable comments.

  5. Skip the vasectomy and go right for the tubal during the c-section (kind of a two-fer) and keeps them squimish babies (hubbies) from *whining*!!! LOL

  6. so have you had it yet?
    jude had the tubal ligation as keyhole surgery afterward
    ill put my fine towards the “keep the knife away from dougs balls” fund

  7. THEM: You STILL haven’t had that baby?

    YOU: Oh yeah, he was born months ago. I just adored the waddling watermelon look so I’m sticking with it!

    That didn’t cost me, did it? 🙂

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