How poorly does Doug understand women? I sent him a text message to let him know that my doctor’s office (every single person I talked to there owes me a dollar) was running behind and I would be gone longer than usual. He texted me back to “relax and enjoy myself.” Do other women find the ob/gyn relaxing? Do they enjoy the exams? Are all men this clueless?

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  1. Eww–the mirrors/toilet thing just isn’t right, regardless of the reason! Must be the exhaustion talking…..

  2. The answers to those questions are – No, No and Yes. LOL They don’t completely get the labour thing either until they have tried to pass a kidney stone.

  3. The trick is to not let them do internals. There is no reason to, so just say no and the visits aren’t that big of a deal aside from the circus of trying to pee in a cup when you can’t see your nether regions.

  4. There is no difference between how little men know women, as how women know men.

    Maybe less even, for women, because they’re the ones that keep harping about it..

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