Multiple choice question:

Mom stumbles up the stairs looking like she has been on a bender. Dad looks at her and says “Wow, looks like I was a bad husband last night.” Mom. . .

A. said, “You snored for 7 hours straight last night. Ask me how I know this.”
B. asked Dad how many diapers he changed during the night before handing him a baby with a soggy diaper.
C. gave Dad the evil eye of death intended to melt this moment and his words into his brain before sitting down to fold laundry with one hand.

7 thoughts on “111773555480534845

  1. C – I’ve seen you give him that evil eye. And if he knows you well enough, then words are not necessary 🙂

  2. I only did “C”. I can accept that Doug is too comatose to help at night but it’s just not funny when I first get up in the mornings.

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