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  1. *shudder* Human kids with masks of…human kids? What’s up with that?

    And the villian grown-up guy really looks like a child molester.


  2. I think deep down the people of Higglytown are afflicted by some environmental group depression. Perhaps they are trying to resolve some bizarre hollow feeling inside them. The children are a variable introduced by a pschologist (don’t tell Tom!) to help build up their self-esteem.

    “I’m a Higglytown hero its plain to see
    I sweep the streets and keep them liter free
    You can drop out of school and be just like me
    A Higglytown hero, just like me!”

    (with apologises to the street sweepers. I really appreciate you!)

  3. The whole “fitting inside each other” thing is strange for a preschool show. Maybe the characters really have multiple personalities.

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