Today is a big day.

First, it is Cow Appreciation Day. Do you think I could get a free entree by breastfeeding in the restaurant? I know I feel like a cow.
Second, it is Ice Cream Cone Day but I think you’ll have to celebrate that one on your own since no businesses are celebrating.
Third, many bookstores are having Harry Potter parties tonight to keep people entertained until the book goes on sale one minute after midnight.
Fourth, Fresh Market stores are helping raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes by selling hot dogs and root beer floats today, tomorrow and Sunday.
Fifth is the release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. I really want to see it.
Sixth and most importantly, we are going to pick Sarah up from Girl Scout Camp today.

Pick a reason or make up your own and celebrate the day!

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  1. I LOVED Roald Dahl’s books as a child/teen. I can’t wait to see the new “Charlie” either. I need to find my old copy of the book to re-read it before I see it.

  2. yeah, I just saw on the news the Chick-fil-a cows were picketing the Capital building here today. I was pretty funny needless to say.

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