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  1. 1. The game rocks. It is deep, with a ton of customizable options.
    2. The AI is strong.
    3. I am not 12 anymore, and it’s kicking my rear.

    It’s definitely the best College video game I’ve ever played. It has the recruits and players right.

  2. Dean, I didn’t get it last night, but I’m going now. A coworker just finished his MBA, and received the game as a present from his mother-in-law. His wife and her mother are not speaking right now. He gives it 3 thumbs up (not sure where he got the third one).

  3. Hey Matt … let me know how that football game is … that series is the best football around, but I’m holding out for my birthday in Sept.

  4. Walmart. 16.66. I’m going to buy NCAA Football 2006, and may pick up a Potter book whilst I shop… after midnight… on a Friday night…

  5. We are currently fighting over who gets to read the book. I had it this afternoon, Matt has it now. He’ll probably finish it tonight.

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