Dear teenage driver,

I know you were happy to get that parking place near the store today. You are young, strong and healthy but I am sure you felt relieved that you didn’t have to walk all the way across the hot parking lot. I don’t know why you thought we were racing each other and I can’t believe you were taught that it is okay to cut people off and pull into the parking spot they were clearly already entering. I do know that I would like to have called your parents. I would like you to spend your day driving five children all over town and wrestle two of them in and out of car seats in busy parking lots. Thank you for causing me even more stress as I had to safely hold a lot of little hands to cross the dangerous parking lot when I should have been parked next to the sidewalk where you were parked. I sincerely hope my own children are more polite and considerate when they are drivers.


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