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  1. I happen to know that the security cameras at the school are streamed so that they can be viewed remotely by the powers that be. Why not let them be viewed by the public the way tdots traffic cams can be?

    And let me head off “privacy” and “child predator” rebutals with “why should school be any different than the mall when it comes to privacy?” I probably walk past 100 cameras and get on 20 video tapes in the course of walking from the JCPenney parking lot to the food court. That excludes private cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and private video cameras. Our society is becoming more easily accessible and we need to get used to being “on camera”. A tech tv show pointed out that kids of the future will have strips of paper with adhesive dots with cameras that one peeled off will stick near where they play and immediately have an ip with access to the wireless Internet. These will be for play as well as security. We will not be able to escape being on camera!

    As for the child predators? Its more of a real concern but honestly there is not much to be gained from the video that they can’t find out first hand.

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