Idea – You know those “How is my driving” bumper stickers you see on big rigs? What if someone marketed them to parents of new drivers? People could phone or e-mail comments about what they see young drivers doing on the road. It could be used for senior relatives too.
“Sorry Grandaddy, but you’ve had too many reports this month. Hand over the license.”

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  1. That’s a freakin’ great idea. I guess you would need to leave a space so a phone number could be written in with a sharpie. I just wonder what kind of creeps would start calling your house, though.

    Check out my most recent cartoon on my blog. It is in honor of Rosa Parks. Let me know what you think. You would not believe how many papers ran cartoons of Rosa getting on a bus to Heaven! You would think that the pro’s would realize how obvious that one was.

  2. My son is old enough to drive but our knees shake at the thought. Luckily, he doesn’t seem that interested in getting a license. I think he realizes how scattered he is and that it could be a real disaster.

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