Today’s Goals
Me – laundry, dishes, buy 20 tix to HP and exchange yarn for a different color
Doug – weave straw into gold
Tommy – play video games and eat
Sarah – talk to friends and avoid doing schoolwork
Noah – play with toys that create maximum mess (lego, bionicle, k-nex)
Amy – destroy as many rooms as possible
Evan – eat, poop, avoid sleep and throw toys on the floor

3 thoughts on “113146840794993526

  1. lol, Doug!

    Carmen: Sew 10 purses a day, clean every room in the house daily
    Matt: Get through the work day, drink a beer or two
    Gabe: watch Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and any other TV he can
    Abby: make sure she gets held more than Gabe, make sure she gets more attention than Gabe

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