I wish some entrepreneur would market “diaper try-it packs”. It would be great to pay a few dollars to get one of each brand/style of diaper in a particular size. No more buying an entire package of diapers that are about as effective as paper towels. No more wasted diapers because your baby is too long or too chunky for a certain brand. We need try-it packages!

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  1. I agree. Good idea. But don’t ever be worried about returning a package of ineffective diapers! As long as you don’t use more than a few diapers, they have to accept the return. (Of course the hard part is dragging the kids out again, keeping the receipt, etc. But they DO have to do it. I’ve returned a full case at BJ’s warehouse before because they were junky.)

  2. Sign up on the diaper manufacturer’s website. Every once in a while I get a sample diaper in the mail. Not sure why they think I now have a newborn rather than a toddler…but a free diaper once in a while can help you choose. Try http://www.Huggies.com.

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