I wish Doug could tell this story. 🙁 This morning Doug decided he was going to get Amy’s nose clean before school. She has looked, ummm, boogery for days. He held out a tissue and told her to blow. Then he asked again and again. I told him that Amy and I had done this same routine on Monday and nothing was ready to come out then. This only made Doug more determined. His daughter was not going to preschool with “stuff” in her nose. Doug worked and worked at the nose and asked Amy to blow one more time. Out popped a giant, unpopped popcorn kernel. Amy has had popcorn in her nose since who knows when. I am still trying to find out when and where she ate (and played with)popcorn. I can’t decide if I am more disgusted or amused. I mean, ewww gross but that girl is really funny.

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  1. Check out this old post from the archives of my husband’s old blog: http://heliumprime.blogspot.com/2005_02_01_heliumprime_archive.html

    Scroll down to Feb. 10. He made multiple posts on the subject so I didn’t link to just one. Make sure you listen to the audio post by Anna of how I tried to get the shell out of her nose!

    It actually came out in the waiting room at the emergency room. You can see in the photo how huge it was! She still has no explanation as to why she put it there!

  2. I am ROFL…my now 8 yr old then 2 yr old put a Barbie bracelet in her nose and came to me looking like she would die. I tried not to laugh hysterically at her while pulling it out with tweezers…

  3. Gabriel said he didn’t put anything in his nose. But I do remember a child I taught who put a piece of foam in her nose and ended up in the ememrgency room. Needless to say we took that work off the shelf. It is just a matter of time before one of my kids do actually make it to the emergency room though. Hopefully it is not when we have snow on the ground.

  4. My 10yo once put a small cotton ball up his nose, during craft time at daycare. Ended up in Urgent Care. Of course, it was the same kid that, on different occasions, managed to get bubble gum all over his hair, face, and private parts (we still cannot figure that last one out).

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