Don’t shake my hand
IF I am lucky enough to get in the bath, I am almost always faced with a series of choices. Evan only sleeps for 20 minutes at a time (if I’m lucky), so by the time the water is run, I have very little time. Do I wash my hair or scrub my body? Do I shave up to the knee on both legs or shave one leg today and hope I get the other one done tomorrow? If Amy is home, I can almost guarantee that she will hop in the tub and I will spend some of the borrowed time scrubbing her. When Evan becomes inconsolable and I hop out still soapy, do I try to rinse off in the sink or just rub dry with the towel and ignore the sticky, soapy residue left behind? Maybe I should just swipe myself with a baby wipe every time I change a diaper. Is there anything worse than being out in public and noticing some yellow not-mustard under your fingernails that escaped handwashing?

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  1. I use to put Gabriel in the saucer when I wanted to take a bath. I would just move it into the bathroom. This usually kept him entertained long enough for me to finish bathing.

  2. He will keep! Shut the door and take that bath! Live dangerously and shave the whole leg – both of them! I know it’s tough to let them cry, but is it really gonna hurt his psyche? Nah. He’ll be much happier with a more relaxed and better smelling mommy.

    Having said that, I’ve got to admit I’m the queen of 2 am baths, even now. (Actually used to fall asleep in them once the kids were asleep.)

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