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  1. I kinda think maybe “they” have been using some of Valium spray on people, then some days I think every office and mall in the nation SHOULD include Valium in the HVAC systems.

    Then I calm down, and try and remember there is reason to panic, but no real need.

  2. I’ve always thought about aerosol forms of prozac, ritalin and valium myself for instant relief. Especially in my former life at my other job.. can’t you imagine cathy?? oh my..that would have been heaven!

  3. I’m all for selling all the drugs in a free market society (labelled appropriately). If I want a super high, I should be able to pick between the two products based upon side effects.

    Product A: Side effects may include loss of family, house, car, self-esteem, life, or any combination of the above.

    Product B: Side effects may include uninhibited behavior leading to STDs, personal injury, injury to others, assault on police, and jail time.

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