Frist follies

Is Bill Frist looking out for Americans or big business?
Did he just pay off a huge debt to the pharmaceutical companies?

~ $873,000 has gone to Bill Frist’s campaign funds from pharmaceutical companies.
~ Bill Frist has been actively working in the United State Senate to protect vaccine manufacturers from 4200 pending private lawsuits and countless lawsuits yet to be filed.
~ At least five separate attempts have been made by Frist to deny access to the government’s vaccine database of documents. He also has actively attempted to protect Eli Lily, who developed thimerosal, from subpoena.
~ In 2002, Bill Frist made an attachment to the Homeland Security Bill. This attachment, which couldn’t be eliminated because of the lack of line item veto, passed. The attachment: The Eli Lily Protection Act. Shortly thereafter, Eli Lily donated $10K to the Frist campaign and bought 5,000 copies of Frist’s book on bioterrorism.
~ The Eli Lily Protection Act was repealed in 2003 but early in 2005, another Frist attachment was made to an antiterrorism bill, again unable to be vetoed. This attachment denies any compensation to children with vaccine related brain damage.
~ Language preventing civilians and others from suing vaccine makers responsible for drugs to fight avian flu or biological weapons was slipped into the defense bill sometime between 11 p.m. Sunday 12/18 and 1 a.m. Monday 12/19 by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

2 thoughts on “Frist follies

  1. I’m embarrassed that as a college sophomore I voted for Frist (met him briefly in person so in a toss-up, ya’ know…). I know my one vote wouldn’t have made any difference, but as I see it, it is my black mark on my voting record.

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