The yucky unusual Double Dutch cookies have been removed from the Girl Scout cookie product line. They have been replaced with Cafe’ cookies. Cafe’ cookies are a cross between ginger snaps and snicker doodles. Girl Scouts will begin taking orders for cookies on January 20th. Be sure to order a box of Cafe’ cookies.

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  1. The Cafe cookies are okay, I let mine sit out to “soften” a bit and they tasted much better that way (too crunchy otherwise in my opinion).

  2. I’m bothered that they have changed the names to simple descriprions … I would swear that the “Peanut Butter Patties” used to be Tagalongs or some other name … Why the change?

  3. Two different bakeries make GS cookies. Up north they are peanut butter patties, down south they are do-si-dos. Every few years one or two of the flavors changes but the standards remain.

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