dirty laundry

Kristyk is talking laundry today. Laundry is a never ending battle in large families. I don’t mind the folding and putting away. It’s actually nice to know that for 24 hours nobody will be complaining because their fuzzy socks aren’t clean (Sarah) or refusing to put on 2-piece jammies because they want a gown (Amy). I loathe sorting all the white similar but not quite the same socks. I also dislike stomping downstairs to find out if the dryer did its’ job or if it has to run a second time and lugging the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer on the other side of the room. The thing that is most annoying of all is that I created a color-coded laundry basket system that should make laundry easier and nobody will cooperate with the system. The boys pretend they are color blind and put things in the first basket they see. All of the children hide laundry under their beds and toss it on the steps so that I can’t walk down the steps without picking up laundry the entire way downstairs. And then there’s Doug. Doug piles all of his laundry beside the bed instead of walking 5 steps (I counted) to the laundry baskets. He will run completely out of an important clothing item before he drags some of his clothes over to the baskets. I think I should quit typing and go start another load. White, bright or dark?

6 thoughts on “dirty laundry

  1. Laundry is always a battle in my house. Not amongst family members, just between me and the laundry. My problem is that once it is all nice and folded, where the heck do I put it?!

  2. I offer but Mrs Ferd won’t let me do the laundry, something about cold and hot water on certain clothing. I remember in college it was either white or dark, when did the water temp matter?

    I like doing laundry and folding is therapeutic to me (my compulsive sorting and organizing disorder) but I HATE putting other peoples stuff away. Hate it.

  3. laundry is also a never ending battle here..

    My kids leave clothes all over the house and my husband is worse than the kids..

  4. My clothes just somehow travel from dirty on the floor to clean in my dresser and the closet. I don’t know how they do it, but what do i care!?! As long as they keep doing that, no worries.

  5. You know, before I had all these kids I didn’t mind laundry. In fact, when I was caring for my grandma [alzheimers] we used to wash clean clothes just for fun because it made her so happy.

    Now, when Mike asks me what I like to fantasize about I say “A laundry room with three supersize washers and dryers and a folding table. And rolling baskets!”

  6. Just wash some of the boys’ whites and reds together for a while that they have to wear, and they’ll get the picture.

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